WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ plugin updated V1.7

Version 1.7 has been released.

Added in v1.7:

  • hide_read_more : set to ‘true’ to hide the read more link
  • create_para_tags : set to ‘true’ to use the WP ‘wpautop’ function to create <p> tags and <br> tags from line breaks
  • order : set to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ – Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’

I have also made the source available for others to contribute and improve the plugin where possible on github – https://github.com/shibbard/posts-for-page

A nice write-up of this plugin was made over at Edusaurus here Creating Mini-Blogs and the Posts-for-Page Plugin

For plugin usage and details see this page.