Exporting data from remote SQL Server to local SQL Express

One method I have started to use during development is to run a local SQL Express server along with the local running web server for developing and testing. Firstly I could not manage the local SQL Express using Enterprise Manager as I expected to and had to download SQL Server Management Studio Express (which is actually a good free tool).

I came across a problem which took me a while to sort out and wasn’t very obvious. The problem came up when using Enterprise Manager and wanting to export to my local SQL Express server. Enterprise Manager defaults by refering to the local DB as ‘local’, which I thought would be fine but this did not work. What I found is that you must refer to the local SQL Express DB by using:

<machine name>/SQLEXPRESS

In my case my local machine is called CYBER1 so:


Exporting to SQL Express

(SQLEXPRESS being the default name created during installation of SQL Express Server)